A Beach Vacation Packing List for Your Next Getaway


Are you planning a trip to a beach destination sometime soon? If so, you need to be sure that you have a comprehensive beach vacation packing list to verify you have everything you need for a good time. Review this article to ensure you have covered your bases.

If your beach vacation is outside of the country or certain territories, you will need to have a passport for everyone in your party. Plan early to ensure that you have this vital document. This needs to be in a secure place, along with your other identification and finance sources. These items should be on your list for your carry-on bags to ensure you always have them.

You need to have clothes for your trip, including swimwear for the beach. Although shorts and short-sleeve shirts are popular for beach destinations, you might need more than that. If the weather gets cool at night, you might need to have light pants and a cover as well. Pack two sets of swimwear for each person you are responsible for in case one gets lost or damaged.

You will also want at least two pairs of footwear. The first is an inexpensive pair of flip flops that you can wear at the beach. The second should be some type of sandal or comfortable shoe that you can wear when not at the beach. Of course, additional shoes are optional depending on what venues you plan to visit at night.

While you are likely going to a beach destination for the sunshine, your skin might not be accustomed to the bright rays. The closer you get to the equator, the stronger the sun becomes. Likewise, the reflection from the water can increase the amount of sun exposure you experience.

In addition to sun block, you need to have a good body cover that you can slip on over your swim suit. A wide brim hat will help to protect your face. Don’t forget to protect the bottoms of your feet when soaking up the rays!


A beach bag and beach towels are essential for your trips down to the sandy beaches. You can keep all of your supplies protected and safe this way. Electronics and other heat-sensitive things should be kept in it when not in use to prevent damage.

As with any trip, you need to be sure that you have the properly labeled medications for everyone in your party. Likewise, take along over-the-counter prescriptions that you use regularly. The prices of these items are often much higher in tourist destinations than you will find back home.

Each member of your party should have emergency contact information on them at all times. You can have this data printed and laminated in small cards that will be easy for everyone to carry. Don’t forget to note any health concerns!

Your beach vacation packing list should include all of the standard items that you normally take on vacation. Then, add the beach-specific items that will help you to have a great time while at your chosen destination.

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