Discover The Best Beaches In Maui


One of the best features when vacationing in Hawaii is its many beautiful beaches. The best beaches in Maui offer miles and miles of some of the most beautiful anywhere.

Aerial view of the city of Kahului,  Maui HawaiiHonolua Bay

For those looking for one of the most colorful of all the beaches Hawaii has to offer, then Honolua Bay is a great choice. For surfers who are experienced enough to handle the water and waves, this beach is famous for its winter surfing. During the summer, this area offers one of the best places on Maui to go scuba diving or do some snorkeling.

Kapalua Bay

This is one of the more sheltered beaches in Maui. Most of the area is filled with condominium and resort communities. The beach area is open to the public, but most of those found on this beach will be utilizing its resort communities.

The large publishing firm, Conde Nast, reported this as “The Best Beach In The World”. For those hoping to see exotic sea creatures like the butterfly fish or boxfish, this is a great choice. A popular destination for those wanting to go snorkeling. Those who are seeking a romantic getaway or quiet activities suitable for families, this is a good choice.

Koki Beach

This is certainly one of the best beaches in Maui. It is full of Hawaiin history. It is in this area that visitors can find Ka Iwi o Pele. In Hawaiin mythology, the Fire Goddess has her bones buried here after making war with her sister. The summer months offer the best swimming conditions for casual vacationers. In winter months the ocean conditions are better suited for experienced surfers.

Makena Beach


This area has a big and small beach area. This area is made famous for being the most photographed in all of Maui. Big Beach offers a little under a mile of beach and approximately 100 yards of beach front. This location is popular for body surfing, sun tanning, and seaside weddings. The ocean here is prone to sudden and unusual waves, meaning it is necessary to be aware of the conditions to remain safe.

For those hoping to go nude on the beach, Little Beach is an area where it is allowed. Many say the mid-morning time is the best time for swimming here because it is when the waters are the calmest.

Palauea Beach

The name of this beach translates to “lazy”. This is a place most utilized by the locals of Maui. Those who know of this spot know it is a great location for snorkeling. Because of its surroundings, it is less windy and the waters are particularly clear.

Hamoa Beach

This is a truly gorgeous beach located in East Maui. For those wanting to get a perfect Hawaiin tan, this is a great location. Beautifully lined beaches and equally beautiful views along the coastline. Typical activities here are bodysurfing, snorkeling, and swimming. There is also a great area for family picnics.

These are just some of the more than fifteen beaches that can be found in Maui.

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