Discover The Best Islands In The Caribbean


The Caribbean is among the favorite destination points for many. With its clear waters, adventurous activities and stunning nature, it is understandable why so many make it their destination of choice.

Aerial from Palm Beach on Aruba island in the Caribbean SeaAruba

This is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. With a distance of only four and a half hours from New York city and hotel cost around 30% lower than on some of the other islands in the area, this has been a favorite Caribbean destination for decades.

While its beach density score is less attractive than on other islands in the area, many local resorts offer very special packaged deals and well over 300 activities for vacationers. The city has many shops and landmarks for vacationers to enjoy. The outskirts of the island is where visitors can find exquisite vistas and little-known beaches.

Saint Vincent

This is one of the more expensive islands, but remains very popular. It is about six hours from New York city and hotels will typically run $600 to $700 a night. This chain has around 32 islands and includes rainforest, luxury accommodations, perfect beaches and plenty of adventurous activities.


If traveling from New York, this destination will take about 5 hours. Hotel room accommodations will typically run a bit over $400 per night. The sands and beaches here are truly pristine and carry a high beach-density rating of .70. Sunbathing and swimming are done here year round. A common activity is swimming with the dolphins.


This is a less expensive excursion than some other choices in the Caribbean. Still, the Dominica is one of the more unique islands in the Carribean. It takes around six hours to travel there from New York and hotels range from $100 – $150 per night.


In this area, vacationers will find black sand beaches and geothermal reefs. The area has some of the best diving sites anywhere.


The travel distance to this destination is roughly 4 1/2 hours from New York and hotels typically run around $300 a night there. This destination offers travelers interesting historical sites and a large bird population making it a favorite among bird watchers.


For vacationers who want extraordinary night life activities along with breathtaking nature, this is a great destination. It takes less than five hours to travel there from New York and hotel cost are typically under $250.

This location offers prime beaches and the manufacturer of the oldest brand of rum every made. The east side has ideal surf conditions for experienced surfers and those looking for conditions a bit on the wild side. On the western banks, you will find calm seas ideal for swimming.

US Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands have long been a popular vacation spot. It is less than 5 hours from New York and hotel cost are moderately priced at under $300. Those who enjoy sailing or visiting historical sites will love this area. It also has great shopping and an exhilarating nightlife.

The Caribbean is a terrific destination for vacationing and a favorite destination point for many.