Discovers The Wonders Found In The Islands Of The Bahamas


For those looking for a vacation to remember, the islands of the Bahamas might be the perfect choice. With well over a dozen islands there to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Sandy beach in Port Lucaya Bahamas with lots of sunshine and surfLong Island

Those that choose this island will find serene beaches and breathtaking cliffs. Boaters, divers and those into sea fishing are among the ones that love this choice.

It also has something for vacationers wanting some tranquility. On the western banks of the island are pinkish white beaches and tranquil turquoise waters. This part of the island also has the deepest blue hole ever discovered in the world.

San Salvador

For history buffs and those into visiting ruins, this is a terrific choice. This island has 5 memorials dedicated to the landing of Christopher Columbus and his time here in 1492. The island has a number of shipwrecks and ruins that allow visitors to embark on a journey of culture and history.

It has many miles of largely secluded beaches, lakes and some of the clearest seas anywhere.


This is one of the well-known islands of the area and has been enjoyed by people such as Jimmy Buffet, Ernest Hemingway and even Martin Luther King, Jr. It is just 50 miles from the coast of Florida and is the closest islands of the Bahamas to the U.S.A. Some say that Bimini Road is what remains of the Lost City of Atlantis.



While this is the largest of the islands here, it is the least developed. This fact makes it one of the most spectacular choices for nature lovers. Home of Lusca, a mythical sea creature, this area is full of blue holes and is the perfect choice for bird watchers, divers, hikers and those into fishing.

Few places exist on earth where visitors can find as many miles of deserted beaches and pristine freshwater lakes as they will here.


With the flamingo being the national bird and an estimated 80,000 living there, it is not hard to understand that it is a great place for bird lovers to vacation. There are at least 140 other species of birds here and many more migratory birds.

For vacationers who are into lighthouses, this has 3 fully functioning ones on the island. This island is a protected habitat for sea turtles that are on the endangered list and it has over 30 miles of the territory that is completely uninhabited by locals.

Cat Island

Vacationers looking for pristine, Cat Island is the right choice. The sand, the weather, and the water are truly perfect here. Visitors will find 50 miles of gently rolling hills, hiking trails and pinkish-white sand on its beach.

This island’s name comes from the pirate known as Arthur Catt. With temperatures in the 80’s in summer and mid 60’s in winter, it is a great location year round.

It is hard to beat the Bahamas as a destination for fun, surf, sun, nature, and history. This is why it is one of the most popular choices for travelers year after year.

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