Finding The Perfect Beach Vacations


When it comes to traveling, people from around the world love to take beach vacations. These destinations are among the most popular on every continent and can be a great deal of fun if you plan properly. Whether you are traveling a short distance to a nearby beach or globe-trotting to fulfill your desire to hit the shores, these tips will be useful.

lounge chair ready for occupation on the florida beachThe most popular beach destinations are located in the tropics. The sun rays there are much stronger than closer to the poles. Even if your destination is not in that strip near the equator, the beach waters add reflective light to your exposure. All of this adds up to burn risk, particularly for light-skinned folks who live far from the equator and water.

However, you can still have a good time on your beach vacation and get a tan in the process if you want to. Taking appropriate precautions can help. In the week or two leading up to your vacation, consider making a few visits to your local tanning salon to help prep your skin. You don’t have to bake, just get rid of that ghost-white glare!

When you are at the destination, you will need to use a combination of sunblock and protective clothing to prevent serious burns. A hat with a wide brim can help to protect your face. Make sure that you have a beach cover that you can toss on over your bathing suit when you aren’t in the water.

When applying sunblock, make sure that you cover all of your exposed skin. This includes the bottoms of your feet if you are not wearing shoes the entire time you are outside. You do not want to spend your vacation hobbling around on burnt toes and soles!


While you may want to plan an extensive itinerary for your beach vacations, you should leave some time for whatever might arise. Bonfire parties and local events can sometimes be the most fun you will find when visiting a tourist destination. Look for out of the way venues and activities that will allow you to soak up some local culture in addition to the rays!

Plan your trip in advance and look for creative ways to save on your travels. For instance, you might stay at a less expensive hotel so that you can be closer to the beach. Find a place that includes a continental breakfast so that you can eat at least one meal each day for free. Check the web for local restaurants with fresh catch specials for a truly delightful experience for lunch and dinner.

Taking a vacation to the beach is something that keeps many folks going through the harsh winter months. Whether you go during the holidays or take your trip over the summer, you are sure to appreciate the beauty and relaxation that comes from watching the waves roll in. Enjoy yourself and remember these suggestions to ensure that you have a great time!

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