Weekend Beach Getaways For Couples


Weekend Beach Getaways For Couples

Beach time with the boyfriend  or spouse is the only way to go. A true love will do anything to make you happy; ask him and see what happens. So it’s time to line up that special beach vacation and enjoy making the memories of a lifetime in a short time. A cruise from Miami over a weekend can take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Check it out.

A secluded bungalow for the weekend with that special person can create memories like no others. Sunrise and sunsets in your special place can frame a fantastic escape from the stress and hustle of your normal days. Make the time, you won’t regret it!!

Sunsets shared on an island can set the stage for a weekend like no other you have known. Cocktails share with a close friend or spouse can calm the nerves and lighten your spirit. For a trip like no other, consider Aruba, St. Thomas or St. Johns. My wife and I this type vacation at least once a year and we always have an awesome time. Try it!!


Let yourself go for a weekend and forget the cares of your normal stress filled life. Sharing the experience with a lover can make the memories of a lifetime. Drop all your normal inhibitions on the beach and let the feet escape the shoes and enjoy the sand. Life will never be the same after that. Try a Grand Cayman land vacation or cruise and have a great time.

Sitting on the beach up against the palm tree with a beautiful ocean view will calm you into a state of tranquil bliss. It’s difficult to match this feeling so check out a white sand beach for a quick weekend getaway. On the west coast of Florida you will find Lido Key, a fantastic beach during the day with St. Armanda’s Circle for shopping, restaurants and clubs at night. Go for it and you won’t be sorry you did.